Pre-Symposium Agency Visits

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Introduction of Route 1 / Children and Family Service

Kids should play. In order to create an exclusive space for 0-6 years old children to explore freely and for parents to accompany their children at ease, in 2012, Child Welfare League Foundation cooperated with Taipei City Government in establishing the first parent-child center in Taiwan that is exclusive to children under 3 years old—Songshan Parent-Child Center. With the understanding of children’s needs, we put more focus on the game design that caters to the development of pre-school infants and toddlers the most. Upon seeing the anxieties new parents have, we put more thoughtfulness in sharing parenting information. With the consideration of the inadequate space for urban families, we constructed an ample and comfortable activity space in close proximity. In 2014, we integrated cultural and creative styles with kids’ fun and built the homey Xinyi Parent-Child Center in “Four Four South Village”. In 2018, we even expanded the service to Eastern Taiwan and collaborated with Yilan County Government to create the first “Maker” themed parent-child fun space—Yilan Bravo Parent-Child Center.

Friendly childcare starts from “Play.” We endeavor to make child-rearing a bit easier!

Which services do Taipei City Songshan and Xinyi Parent-Child Centers provide?

  1. Play Service

    In the Parent-Child Center, the designs for each space are tailored to the needs of children of different ages. Each season’s theme is chosen according to children’s preferences. Every toy is hand-made by the creative and professional childcare providers.

    Kids should play. With infinite creativities, continued support and warm services, Songshan and Xinyi Parent-Child Centers team up with parents to accompany kids as they grow up happily!

  2. Parent-Child Activities

    Being parents is an endless road of growing. We facilitate all kinds of parent-child activities that are suitable for children of 0-6 years old. Through various games and friendly but professional support, parents can accompany their children as they grow together happily.

  3. Sharing Childcare Knowledge

    According to new parents’ needs, we offer various childcare and parenting courses, as well as on-site childcare specialists to provide childcare consultation, demonstration and game instruction. Moreover, Parent-Child Center also incorporates with the early treatment community resource center to allow professional social worker-in-residence and therapist-in-residence to provide guidance and assistance, letting parents receive correct childcare ideas and professional consultation service about child development.

  4. Community Activities

    Incorporating early treatment and community resources, we provide community outreach with parent-child activities. We bring Parent-Child Center’s toys and activities to the community and spread the love and laughter to every corner and every child of the community, allowing kids to play from the Parent-Child Center to everywhere!

  5. Parenting Support and Sharing Activities

    Children need to be accompanied; grown-ups also need support. Through various parent sharing events and growth groups, parents can have opportunities to gain mutual support and assistance and relieve from their parenting stress. Daddies, mommies and kids, come to the Parent-Child Center to make friends!

Service Target Group
Children under 6 years old and their caregivers.