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Social Institutions
Yunlin Child Benefits Development Association
Single Family association Taiwan
The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards
Buddhist Tzu-En children care and education Foundation
Cyber Angle's Pick
Christian Salvation Service
Taiwan Counseling Psychologoist Union
GWG Social Charity Foundation
League of the Social Welfare (LSW)
The Tainan Toung Man's Christian Association
Taiwan Rainbow Gospel & Social Welfare Association
Chinese Association of Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays (CAEIP)
The Child Care Taker Trade Union of New Taipei City
Happy Gifts Social Service Association
Hsu Yue Lan Social Welfare Foundation
The Froggy Life of a Druged Beauty
H Foundation
Special Education Care Association
Bornanew Youth Caring Association
Purelove Alliance Taiwan
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Children Are Us Foundation
Foundation Single Parent Educational Foundation
Tzih Huai Social Welfare Foundation
Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation
The Garden of Hope Foundation
Jinghua Society Cultural Foundation
Association of Taiwan Clinical Psychologists
Taiwan Association of Clinical Psychology
Double Bliss Welfare and Charity Foundation
Tosun Public Interest Foundation
Child Welfare League Foundation
TICEA, Taiwan International Childhood Education Association
ECPAT Taiwan
Love Taiwan Kid Association
Youth CARE Foundation
Citypeople Foundation
Yilan County DER AN Family Care Association
Holly Human Cultivation Foundation
The Taipei Family Life Education Promotion Association
Shiuhli Memorial Foundation
Agape House Christian Counseling Center
Taiwan Society of Mental Health Social Work
Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation
Lin Ye Sheng Social Welfare Foundation
Hualien First Light of Morni Teenager Care Association
The Humanistic Education Foundation
Children safety Foundation
Dwen An Social Welfare Foundation
Children's Hearing Foundation
Taiwan Association Learning Disabilities
Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association
Yeast Care Assocoation
Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation
Promotive Association of Heal Family
Foundation for Poison Control
Association of Early Childhood Education Reform
Chionyuan Social Welfare Foundation
Glory Foundation
Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare
Cheng Feng Teenager's School
Caterpillar Philosophy for Children Foundation
Association of Learning Disabilities
Cathwel Service
Chang Show Jyu Social Welfare Foundation
Adolescents' Home,Taiwan Christian Service
Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation
Taiwan Association for Treatment of Domestic Violence an Sexual Offense
Taiwan Coalition Against Violence
Modern Women's Foundation
Single Leaf Association
Love Covenant Family Education Foundation
Taiwan Council on Family Life Education
Happiness Welfare Foundation
Taiwan Transactional Analysis Association
Drug Free World
The Anti-drug Campaign Association. R.O.C
National Union of Professional Social Worker Association
Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
Hsin-Yi Foundation
Association of Tainan family care
Huaijen Center For Human Becoming
Taiwan Operation Dawn
NTU Children and Family Research Center
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