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Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Nationa; Taiwan Normal University
Department of Family Studies and Child Development (including Master Program) College of Human Ecology, Shih-Chien University
Family Education Research Center,National Chiayi University
Family Research and Development Centerm,National Taiwan Normal Univisity
Crimes Against Children
Research Center
Family Willness Center,Tunghai University
Department of Guidance&Counseling,National Changhua University of Education
Healthy Family Research Center,National Open University
Department of Child Development and Family Education, Tzu Chi University
Department of Social Work,National Taiwan University
Family Education Research Cenrter,National Chi Nan University
Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago
National Child Welfare
Resource Center for
Organizational Improvent
National Council on
Crime and
Research Center
University of
Illinois Children and Family
Research Center
Human Life Ethics Center,Fu-Jen Catholic University Faculty of Theology
Child Welfare,
Drug Abuse and
Intergenerational Risk
Research Center
Center for Child Welfare
The National Chilrden's
Advocacy Center
Fu-Jen Catholic University ,Department of child&family studies
Children and Family
Research Center
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
University of
Wisconsin-Madison Center
on Child Welfare Policy and Practice
The Center for gender and Family Studies,Department of Guidance & Counseling,National Changhua University of Education
Yale University
Child Study Center
NTU Children and Family Research Center
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